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Neschen Gudy Dot Roller - Adhesive Tape -

Neschen Gudy Dot Roller - Adhesive Tape -

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Designed for

Ideal for Fine Art and archival materials mounting on different surfaces where air permeability is advantageous.

Product Features

Carrier free easy dot®-transfer adhesive technology based on continuous small transparent adhesive dots on a siliconized kraft paper release liner. PH neutral permanent adhesive compatible with the most major brands mount board and sensitive paper substrates. One paper backing, the adhesive dots on the other side are exposed and self-wound onto the roll. The “dot-shaped” adhesive coating allows “bubble-free” mounting and makes the material easy to handle. Photographic Activity Test (PAT) ISO 18916 certified by the Image Permanence Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology. The safest choice for mounting photographs, originals, and graphics arts.

Product Structure

Backing: double-sided siliconized glassine paper
Adhesive: waterbased Polyacrylate, permanent


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