I am Karla Dunnum, director of the Ettrick Public Library, Ettrick, Wisconsin.

I purchased the Elettra Speedycover system for our library in November 2020. I have been completely satisfied with my purchase.

The Elettra is simple to operate, and it makes covering books a quick, easy process. One of the best features is the system is the continuous cover roll. I had used another brand’s system at my previous library which came with precut sleeves, which resulted in a lot of wasted plastic film being trimmed to fit the books. The Elettra system allows me to cut the film to the exact height of the book, thus wasting far less materials. 

Another advantage of the speedycover system is that I can cover paperback books. The traditional plastic sleeves of old are designed to cover a hardcover book jacket and will not work for paperback books. Speedycovers make purchasing paperback copies of large print fiction and children’s books more cost effective because the books can be covered to last. Also, if a cover is damaged or soiled, it can be easily removed and replaced. In a small library with limited funding every option that extends my budget is a godsend.

Speedycovers can be used to seal archival documents without damaging the original materials.

Additionally, in this pandemic world, I have used the covers to seal our prizes for children’s summer reading into touch-safe plastic pouches, making browsing for a prize a healthier environment for everyone.

Finally, I would like to say that the staff at The Library Supply company has been awesome. They have been knowledgeable, courteous, and timely in all of my interactions with them.

I would highly recommend purchasing the Elettra Speedycover system.